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Aunt Cheri's brand finds its home at Cedar Meadow Farm, located in southern Lancaster County, PA. For the past 30 years, Steve and Cheri Groff have operated this vegetable farm. Their son David is now the 4th generation and we are proud of that legacy! In addition, Mike and Kaitlin Horst partner with us to manage tomato production and the logistics of getting these tasty treats to the stores.


Cedar Meadow Farm is internationally known for its cutting-edge farming techniques that promote soil health.  Regenerative agriculture is rooted in principles like  reduced soil disturbance, living roots in the soil year-round, and diversity of plant species both in cash crops and in cover crops. All this keeps the soil covered as it was meant to be. The benefits are dramatic for both our operation and the environment downstream! 


This farming system is exceptional for the ecology. It protects our precious topsoil from being eroded away into the local streams and polluting the Chesapeake Bay, and is one of the best methods to combat climat change. 

But perhaps even more notable is the impact it has on the quality of our food.

Nutrients that we apply to our crops stay in our fields where they belong. This results in nutrient-rich soil and "nutrient-dense" produce. Nutrient-density is becoming increasingly known for improving health. Studies have shown that eating healthier produce can be a strong deterrant against illness and diesease.

Steve has spoken about our growing practices nationally and internationally and has written a book about the significance of regenerative agriculture on the future of farming.

Naturally selected for incredible taste and superior quality.
Our 200-Acre Farm Grows:


Soy Beans

Summer Squash


Industrial & CBD Hemp

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Giant foods
Whole Foods
J. Ambrogi
Blue April
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